MVP – The Golden Ticket

Sooooo, you have worked tirelessly for the last 12 months or so contributing to the Salesforce Community; you have been active on various social media platforms promoting and supporting Salesforce in all that they do; you attended all the community led events; you even asked individuals to vote for you (this is kinda a big … Continue reading MVP – The Golden Ticket


Get involved, Salesforce Ohana. PERIOD!

I had the honor of being involved with and presenting at India Dreamin back in October of 2017. The trip to India was such an amazing experience on so many levels that it has consumed my thoughts since leaving. There was so much beauty and hospitality there, and the people that I met were truly … Continue reading Get involved, Salesforce Ohana. PERIOD!

Lightning in a Box – An Admins Greatest Friend

Appetizers Sooooooo, you finally read the blogs, taken the Trails, seen the YouTube videos, attended the Lightning Now Tour, watched the Lightning Webinars, seen all the amazing slides from the AMAZING #AwesomeAdmin Superheroes and now you FINALLY decided to join the cool kids? You probably have some questions that you are asking yourself, where do … Continue reading Lightning in a Box – An Admins Greatest Friend