Salesforce Follow List

So I have noticed quite a few of these pop up just before Dreamforce but noticed a couple of things which angers/frustrates me on a huge scale. Most of the lists are either are all male or a little too ‘vanilla’. I’m not trying to take anything away from the people in the lists or those who created them, but surely there must be someone from an ethnic background that is influential in Salesforce?

Well, quite frankly, there are a ton and here are some (in no particular order) that I would definitely recommend following:

Tony Prophet (@Tony_Prophet)

Shonnah Hughes (@SaaSy_sistah)

Leah McGowen-Hare (@LeahBMH)

Justice Sikakane (@justicesikakane)

Paarth Jolly (@JollyPaarth)

Jennifer W. Lee (@jenwlee)

Rebe De La Paz (@Rabedela)

James Loduca (@JamesLoduca)

Molly Q. Ford (@QueenMollyMol)

Olivier Jannini (@ojannini)

Joshua Hoskins (@jhoskins)

Mary Tagler (@yramtSFDC)

Ayori Selassie (@iAyori)

Abhilasha Singh (@Sweety_abhi)

Toya Gatewood (@ToyaGatewood)

Jessica Murphy (@jessicamurphy)

Apologies for not including everyone but I would have been here all day otherwise. If you feel there should have been someone added to this list then please post in the comments


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