Welcome to Salesforce Saas!

This blog is the brainchild of two #AwesomeAdmins, Tom Blamire and Amy Oplinger, who share information about everything Salesforce, with a little sass along the way!

Tom and Amy first met virtually, via Twitter. Both soon bonded over not only a love of Salesforce, but their same snarky, sometimes dark senses of humor. Oh and GIFs. LOTS of GIFs!

Amy and Tom met in person at Dreamforce 16, specifically Eric Dreshfield’ s Bacon Breakfast:


me and tom

Tom very nicely brought a gift for Amy. Amy had nothing for Tom. This is the basic gist of their friendship. Hitting it off immediately, Tom was invited to join Amy in the #GifSquad, and here they are now collaborating!

About Tom:

Tom is a Salesforce Certified Administrator currently working within the Financial Services industry. He has been using the platform for nearly 4 years in various roles.

Tom is extremely active in the Salesforce Community and Twitter  and classifies himself as ‘bit of an addict’. He is also extremely proud to be a member of the #GifSquad.

When Tom isn’t talking  or Tweeting about Salesforce, he likes to spend time with his two dogs and trying to think of the next big thing that will make him rich. Tom’s favourite saying is:

The grass is always greener on the other side because it’s usually grown with bulls**t


About Amy:

newcertpicAmy is a freelance consultant and Salesforce MVP, with 5 certifications. Amy loves public speaking, and has done so at Midwest Dreamin, Southeast Dreamin, India Dreamin and Dreamforce.

Amy leads both the  Cleveland Salesforce Women In Tech User Group , and Cleveland Non Profit User Group, and is extremely active in the Salesforce community as a whole. She is a proud member of the #GifSquad and very active on Twitter.

While always living #SaaL (Salesforce As A Lifestyle,)  Amy can also be found dancing and singing (a little too loudly for her skill set) to her favorite Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars or Bollywood/Punjabi songs,  learning to cook new cuisines, and caring for her two beautiful children!
Please connect with Amy on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.