Spring ’18 Release Highlights

If you're like me and you don't really have the time or patience to read through the latest Spring '18 release notes┬áthen this blog is perfect for you. Classic is now becoming a thing of the past with Lightning becoming the norm/future. In my opinion it's the equivalent of a battery-powered Walkman vs. a solar-powered … Continue reading Spring ’18 Release Highlights


Lightning in a Box – An Admins Greatest Friend

Appetizers Sooooooo, you finally read the blogs, taken the Trails, seen the YouTube videos, attended the Lightning Now Tour, watched the Lightning Webinars, seen all the amazing slides from the AMAZING #AwesomeAdmin Superheroes and now you FINALLY decided to join the cool kids? You probably have some questions that you are asking yourself, where do … Continue reading Lightning in a Box – An Admins Greatest Friend